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Give and It Shall Be Given...

Your offerings go to further the work of this ever expanding ministry, and because of your support, lives are being changed.  These are real people with real issues that Apostle Butler ministers to every day with real love from the Heart of The Father.  We are 3 R  Ministry ( Real, Relevant & Relational)

Thank you for caring, giving and partnering with us.

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Member Giving

P.O.P.Worship Center please designate the amount of your tithes and/or offerings to the specific fund. If no fund is chosen, your gift will go to the general operating fund of the ministry.

Thank you for ensuring the work of God's House is well supplied. (Malachi 3:10-12)

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Partner Giving

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When you partner with Fresh Fire Ministries, you are helping to share encouragement, truth, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the voice of our founder. People are hungry for the real thing! Know that your offerings are prayed over and greatly appreciated in furthering the work of this ministry.  Thank You for giving and/or partnering with us.  

If you participate in a local fellowship, we believe that your tithe should be given to your local church.

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