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Est.  2002 A.D.

Eyes of Fire

Training Center for Spiritual Growth (Apostolic & Prophetic)

Provides ongoing training course in the form of seminars, classes and workshops designed to bring each student into a stronger understanding of how to hear and respond to the Voice of God from a biblical perspective.  All training enhances each attendee’s spiritual growth; therefore, enhancing their fruitfulness within their local church and ministries. ​

The EOF training center's curriculum provides a biblical understanding of how spiritual gifts operate and flow within the local church.  Our focus is to bring clarity regarding the Governmental gifts (5-Fold Ministry).  The term “governmental gifts” was given to Apostle Butler in 2000, which captures the functionality of the gifts in Ephesians 4:11.  Our training focus is on the “Next level Prophetic” and “Authentic Apostolic Ministry.” ​You’ll receive course materials, including teaching outlines and a list of online resources to tap into. We’ll do Q&As, answer the hard questions, and explore issues together as part of the school.  This also includes impartation and activation in the area of your gifting because everyone that attends these classes may not be called to the governmental gifts.

Students receive a comprehensive understanding of the governmental gifts of the New Testament Church, their value, function and importance as it relates to the maturing of the body of Christ. We live in a Post-Christendom society which places a greater demand on your callings, gifting and purpose.  In addition, EOF offers courses in church leadership development.  It’s time to invest in yourself!

Course Content​

  1. Modules & Seminars

  2. Off-Campus Accelerated Training - held at the local church


Course in 2020

  1. How to determine if God is calling you as an apostle and prophet

  2. What to do after God calls you

  3. Determining your unique expression

  4. Dealing with pitfalls that take you off track

  5. How to handle persecution that comes with the office

  6. Overcoming spiritual warfare against your calling


For enrollment and more information contact EOF at  Physical materials will not be emailed until the class start date.

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