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       Let Go and Let God

Experience The Presence of God

So Join Us!

     Our Father has worked in some amazing ways in Fresh Fire Ministries during these past 22 years; many miracles and answered prayer.  I realize that as the visionary and pioneer of Fresh Fire Inc. Ministries, I may be the face associated with this Kingdom Assignment.  However, the best part of this Vision and assignment is you and what God has done in each of your lives!  I’ve witnessed the hand of Father in your lives, and seen you overcome and accomplish many endeavors that you would not believe possible.

     One of the greatest things I have witnessed is seeing Father equip and mature you in authentic identity in Him; being comfortable with who you are and accepting who you can become in Christ.  With all the wonderful things God has done in your lives, I believe the best is yet to come!  This is an exciting time to be a part of the Body of Christ and participant in His work.  Each one of you have a special place in my heart and know that I valued the time we have shared.  Yet, I encourage each of you to take the Fire that has been ignited in your lives from this work and pay it forward.  Carry the Fire!  Carry it forward into the present generation and let them know about the Love of our Father.  I decree over your lives that you become Kingdom Firer Starters.

     The vision of Fresh Fire is based on the Great Commission given by Christ (Firer Starters and Firer Babies), and to bring the Church into relationship with our Father as sons and daughters.  So, keep your eyes open and ears alert because Father has more for Fresh Fire to accomplish in the coming years.


The King’s Servant and Daughter,

Dr. Narriett Butler, Apostle 

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