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Matt is a sculptural basketry artist (many have called him the Dale Chihuly of Baskets) from Asheville, North Carolina, internationally known speaker & author of 4 books including Unlocking the Heart of the Artist (2011), Crafting Your Brand (2013), Creativity According to the Kingdom (2015) & Created to Thrive (2017).

In 2009, Matt formed The Worship Studio, a nonprofit dedicated

to "Raising up an Army of Artists to Reveal God's Glory" and has

since produced numerous resources for artists to help them align

with their divine design and thrive. He is also the founder & host

of the popular Christian artist conference, Gathering of Artisans.

Matt's passion is helping artists learn to thrive spiritually, creatively

and financially so they can live the life they were divinely designed

to live. Find out more about Matt at: or

2017 Fresh Fire Summit

Keynote Speaker - Matt Tommey

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